Fitness diet every day. Anazole for sale

The best fitness diet – is the one that will develop your personal trainer, taking into account the purposes of training and individual characteristics. But let’s talk about the basic rules of food for those who are engaged in fitness, legal Arimidex.

Rule one. There should be frequent, but little by little Arimidex online

Have you ever noticed that slim people eat more often full? Yes, that’s their secret. The best option – to eat every 2.5-3 hours. Buy Anazole. Firstly, this rate does not allow the body to accumulate reserves to a “black day”. Second, it is better regulated blood sugar level, which directly affects the muscle tone and even mood. Immediately after eating sugar level rises after 3-4 hours reduced. Hence, there is a sharp difference of emotion.

Second Rule. Caution with dinner

Dinner should be not more than half of daily calories, because in the evening, after a busy day, we do not use Arimidex. Buy Anazole online. At night, the body must rest and not to work, digesting food. Full of the stomach – a bad dream, and the load on all organs.

Third Rule. Allow the body to building materials – proteins

Without enough protein the body begins to break down muscle tissue deteriorates nails, hair, skin. The optimal rate for those who are engaged in fitness – it is 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Protein comes to us from the meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products. For the investment of life you can buy protein powder or protein tiles, Anazole for sale.

Rule fourth. Water – Source of Life

Even a minimal reduction of fluid in the body is bad for our well-being: leached minerals and essential trace elements. When doing fitness fluid need to pay particular attention to: water is essential for the elimination of lactic acid from the body. Daily rate – 1.5-2 liters of water, Anazole order. Do not be afraid to go too far, because in its assimilation no energy is required, it has no calories. During the workout you can drink every 15-20 minutes.

Rule Five. Do not exercise on an empty stomach

This does not mean that you should eat before exercise tight, you can not just train the hungry, not to fall into a swoon. Brain and muscle must be provided with energy fuel, Arimidex for sale.

These simple Arimidex for sale will help you feel great and enjoy the gym. Bon appetit and successful training!